Yellow Rack™ clipped into E-Track image Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™

  • Cargo Equipment Storage Rack
    • Patented design safely and conveniently stores load bars, pressure bars, straps, and other equipment
    • Secures cargo restraint equipment, now required by CSA 2010
    • Stop driver points and fines!

  • One Rack solves many problems

    Sledgehammer vs Frozen Rack

  • Track Mount: Snaps into Track Systems Inside the Trailer
  • Wall Mount model for Loading Docks or Trailers without Track Systems
  • Tough: Steel Reinforced Space Technology Polymer
    • Incredibly strong. Withstands forklift hits even in freezing temperatures.
    • So strong we guarantee if you break it, we replace it.
  • Ensures CSA Compliance

  • See full forklift video.

    Yellow Rack vs Straps Video

  • Saves You Money
  • Safety: Protects employees and others from injury
  • Guarantee: If you break it, we replace it

Yellow Rack is THE strong, effective, and safe securing rack for all of your load securing equipment as well as any other equipment you carry that needs to be stored safe and secure

Our load lock storage and equipment storage rack is exactly what you need for safe, legal, and efficient storage of all your cargo equipment whether you use load locks, load lock bars, cargo bars, load bars, logistics beams, cargo load bars . . . ANY bar or equipment you carry!  If you need your equipment stored securely and safely, Yellow Rack is your answer.

Yellow Rack is tested hard to make sure it can withstand the beating equipment can take on a loading dock or in a trailer.  Yellow Rack is frozen to -20 degrees Fahrenheit then rammed with forklifts carrying 2,000 pound totes and smashed with sledgehammers.  This kind of testing shows Yellow Rack is incredibly strong and why we can easily offer our full replacement warranty.  Check out our videos and testimonials!

There is no lighter, stronger, or portable cargo bar rack storage device available.  Yellow Rack is a must for any driver or carrier seeking a complete, compliant, and SAFE cargo trailer storage system.  Whether you drive the biggest rig on the road or carry equipment to job sites in your work truck or work van, Yellow Rack is your cargo bar rack for big rigs, bobtails, delivery trucks, work trucks and a great storage rack for vans!  We have seen customers store ladders, power tools, yard equipment, chain saws in Yellow Rack . . . not bad for a rack designed by a driver as a bar storage rack!

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Yellow Rack™ clipped into E-Track image Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™ Yellow Rack™

yellow rack™ works hard for hard working trucks

  • Tool and Equipment Storage Rack for Bobtails, Work Trailers, Vans, Trucks
    • Patented design safely and conveniently stores tools, hoses, cords, bars, shovels, lawn equipment...anything you can store in it!
  • Snaps into Track Systems OR can be directly wall mounted in vans & trailers
  • Tough: Steel Reinforced Big Rig tested
    • Flexible enough to withstand forklift hits, rigid enough to hold your heavy equipment
    • Withstands extreme temperatures – from high summer heat to subzero temperatures
  • Saves You Money
    • Keeps equipment organized and safe: eliminate tool and equipment loss and damage
    • Quickly find your equipment and KNOW you have not left it at the jobsite
  • Avoid tickets and fines
    • The law requires equipment to be stowed properly
    • Avoid needless fines stealing from your bottom line
  • Safety: Protects employees and others from injury
  • Full Replacement Warranty

See full forklift video.

Yellow Rack vs Straps Video

Satisfied Yellow Rack customers
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Brenntag - Yellow Rack Happy Customer

About Yellow Rack™

Yellow Rack™ storing load bars out of the way image
  • The one and only simple solution for storing your load bars and straps out of the way
  • Made of rubberized, nylon polymer. Reinforced with steel for additional strength
  • Measures 26.75" (length) and 4.13" (depth)
  • One rack ships with 2 metal spring fitting clips and 1 retention rod
  • Full instructions and 1-year warranty included
  • Color: safety yellow

the yellow rack saves money, time and space!

Money! Investment in load bars is no small expense for trucking companies. Imagine the savings to your company by drastically reducing loss of this necessary piece of equipment! Yellow Rack eliminates repetitious bending and lifting heavy load bars and keeps load bars off the trailer floor and dock, thus helping reduce costly injuries and claims. Load loss and damage is reduced as bars and straps are accounted for and ready for use. Costly compliance fines are reduced as load bars are either properly stowed or in use.

Time! No more moving load bars on or off a trailer! No more constant adjustment of cargo bars on the floor of the trailer! No more searching for your load bars! You will know exactly where they are.

Space! Six (6) load bars on the floor of your trailer take up approximately 17 square feet! Free up that space by clipping the Yellow Rack into the E-Track on the trailer wall.

Hassle-Free! There is nothing to install or put together! The Yellow Rack comes fully assembled. Just take it out of the box and clip it instantly into existing E-Track. The Yellow Rack is self-adjusting to the slots in E-Track, so there will never be a problem with a secure and easy fit.

Compliance! Securing your load is required by law. Why not do it the easy and efficient way and save your company money in the process! Equip your trailers with the Yellow Rack today!

The simple, efficient design is what makes the Yellow Rack a great tool for truckers. Just slide back the retaining bar, shove in the load bar, and slide the retaining bar back into place. The Yellow Rack will restrain up to 6 load bars, 12 jack bars, 6 straps, or any combination thereof. WOW! Drivers, you will love the fact that you no longer have to pick up load bars from the trailer floor. It's so easy to remove the bar from its restraint position, carry it over to the Yellow Rack and snap it in, and vice-versa. No more bending over!

Good news for trailers without E-Track, too! Keep jack bars out of the way by installing just 2 slot brackets on the inside wall of your trailer, and clip in the Yellow Rack!

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Yellow Rack™ storing load bars out of the way image    Yellow Rack™ storing load bars out of the way image

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yellow rack™ strength

How strong is the Yellow Rack?

The Yellow Rack is made from a nylon polymer that is strong and durable. Our strength video shows just how tough this material is! The flexibility of the nylon is an added feature that allows the rack, despite its strength, to "give" if there is an accidental hit by a fork lift or freight. Any equipment can get damaged or broken--load bars, straps, pallet jacks, fork lifts and even trailers themselves--so proper care and placement of the Yellow Rack is always important, but the rubberized nylon gives cargo handlers and fork lift drivers an edge in the event of an accidental collision.

What's more, the Yellow Rack is improved! We embedded steel in the back of the Rack to give it even more strength, support and protection for your equipment! The Yellow Rack is the answer to protecting your other cargo securement tools, avoiding loose equipment violations, and streamlining shipping operations.

See Forklift Testing Videos!

Read more Frequently Asked Questions about the Yellow Rack.

frequently asked questions

Q: Who uses Yellow Rack?

A: Chemical companies, general freight companies, and owner operators alike use Yellow Rack. For its help with safety and compliance issues, keeping bars on the trailer where they belong--ready for locking in freight and avoiding loss and damage--customers find the Yellow Rack one of the handiest tools to hit the freight protection equipment market in a long time. Drivers love it because it provides convenience and organization to their job.

Yellow Rack™ clipped into E-Track image

Q: How strong is the Yellow Rack?

A: Yellow Rack is made from a tough and durable nylon polymer that is flexible yet tough. We wanted to make a tool that would be strong enough to hold a maximum of 6 load bars but would "give" if freight hit it--we didn't want a heavy, metal rack tearing into freight. Look at our strength video to see what happens when a fork lift rakes across the compartment tabs--the Rack snaps back into its original shape! We don't claim that our product is indestructible, because even a metal load bar isn't. What we do claim is that if cared for properly, just like any other piece of equipment, the Yellow Rack will give years of service.

Q: Why is the Yellow Rack made from nylon? Wouldn't metal be stronger?

A: We went through plenty of materials to find the right one for Yellow Rack, starting with metal, then plastics, and finally settling on the rubberized nylon from which the product is manufactured.  We wanted a material that was strong but wouldn't be too heavy, and surprisingly, rigidity is a factor that works against protecting both freight and freight protection equipment like decking beams/load bars.

Yellow Rack won't tear into packaging if freight accidentally comes in contact with it; instead, it will bend to let freight pass rather than cause damage.  And what about decking beams or load bars?  Fork lifts can run into beams that are stored in the Yellow Rack—but its flexibility allows the Rack to take the shock instead of the load bars! Not so with a metal rack, which would make the load bars take the shock—and that means bent and damaged equipment!

Q: What kind of equipment can be stored in the Yellow Rack?

A: Yellow Rack was made to store up to 6 square-type load bars (also called decking beams, shoring beams, load locks), but it can also hold much more! Six or more jack/pressure bars will fit in the Rack (see photo below), up to 6 straps, or a combination of any of those. Chemical transporters store their shovels and brooms in the Rack, others store rolls of tape and even pallet jacks! Full instructions for how to use Yellow Rack--from installing clips to loading it with freight protection equipment--are included with each shipment.

The two outer compartments on the Yellow Rack are made slightly larger: there are still some of the wider load bars out on the market. These older bars have been discontinued but are still in use, so we made these two outer compartments a little wider to accommodate them. These wider bars will not fit in the inner 4 compartments.

Yellow Rack at work!

Q: What are other features of the Yellow Rack?

  • Yellow Rack fits 24"-to-center vertical e-track (logistics slots) and any horizontal e-track. Because the Rack is self-adjusting, a perfect fit is guaranteed every time it's clipped in!
  • Yellow Rack is completely portable, so it can be put anywhere in a trailer where e-track is present. We strongly recommend positioning the Rack at the rear of the trailer to keep load bars out of the way of heavy freight moving equipment.
  • Retention rods now come with a padlock hole. Yellow Rack, with or without load bars or other equipment stored in it, can be locked to both vertical and horizontal e-track using a cable-type lock (15" for horizontal e-track and 22" or longer for vertical). Or, lock in load bars with just a padlock at the end of the rod! Once the Rack is filled with load bars, it cannot be removed from e-track because it has to be tilted to disengage the clips. This is impossible to do with heavy load bars stored in the Rack.
  • The uniquely engineered features of Yellow Rack insure that it will hold even its heaviest load of 6 decking beams securely, even over the roughest roads!

Q: I know Yellow Rack can help prevent loss of freight protection equipment, but are there any other reasons to use it?

A: Yes! Load securement is a big deal for chemical and freight companies these days in terms of the law. Both federal and state governments are increasingly diligent about making sure all freight is secured. It is the law that all freight must be braced, and fines can be issued for load bars that are loose, too. Law enforcement considers loose load bars as potential projectiles because of their ability to puncture chemical containers. But these laws are not restricted to hazmat transporters!

In communities across the country, local authorities are increasing the number of liense and weight units that enforce commercial vehicle inspection codes. Code violations are not good for safety purposes, but they are good for a community's revenues! This is NOT good for commercial trucking if fines are a part of "business as usual". Yellow Rack helps drivers and companies solve compliance issues because of its ease of use, driver acceptance, and its adaptability to company driver compliance programs.

License & Weight image

Q: What about the warranty?

A: Your Yellow Rack is built to withstand the tough conditions that exist in cargo trailers. Our racks are quality tested and field tested under these same conditions.  If a rack breaks in normal usage during the warranty period, upon receipt it will be replaced with a new rack. Click here for more information on our warranty.

Q: How do I get a Yellow Rack?

A: See our contact page for sales information.


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