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Yellow Rack: The Ultimate Solution to Load Bar Management Problems & OSHA Storage Regulations

Commercial truck drivers pull up to countless loading docks to get their job done but their cargo control equipment doesn't always cooperate. When all those load bars start falling down, straps get tangled, there is a lot of equipment damage, and you have to pick up those heavy bars again. Not to mention all the hassles on the road. Along with all that distraction, you also lose time, costly equipment and of course, money. You generally don't have time to get pulled over and have your trailer inspected. But with new OSHA safety regulations designed to prevent what can happen when those bars and cargo ships, the driver needs an easier and safer cheaper solution. Yellow rack is the answer!

Designed by a truck driver himself, with over 25 years of experience, Yellow Rack is the ultimate solution to load bar management problems and OSHA storage regulations. Designed to be mounted to the distribution center and loading dock walls/beams or inside big rig trailer, work trailer, van, bobtail, and work truck; the wall mount rack can be used to store anything from load bars to straps, brooms, shovels, etc. Made of rubberized nylon polymer, the rack is lightweight for ease of use but reinforced with steel for additional strength and durability.

It can withstand extreme temperatures from hot and humid conditions to chilly weather up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Yellow Rack wall mount rack is virtually unbreakable. In fact, if you can break it, Yellow Rack will replace it!

Each wall-mount rack includes two metal spring fitting clips, rod tether, multi-surface mounting hardware that allows for a universal fit for all horizontal E-track and most vertical logistic slot systems, and instructions. Get your hands on the very useful Yellow Rack and prevent loss and damage of cargo control equipment sale through safety regulations.

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