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Yellow Rack is the invention of a trucker to solve a specific need: safely securing load locks, load bars, straps, deck beams, brooms, pallet jacks -- the standard cargo equipment in a trailer. It had to be light, compact, and strong.

Yellow Rack is a combination of steel and space age polymers designed to withstand high heat and still absorb impacts at well below freezing, yet weighs just 2 pounds. Yellow Rack quickly became an industry tool used to prevent damage and loss of cargo equipment and, most importantly, preventing injury to drivers and workers.  Yellow Rack soon proved not only essential for trailers, but for distribution and fulfillment centers with loading docks and other areas where equipment needs to be stored safely and securely; out of the way but with quick access.

Drivers love Yellow Rack as it is easy to use, protects expensive equipment, makes passing highway patrol inspections a snap, and prevents repetitive or other injury.  Facilities managers love Yellow Rack because it solves their OSHA problems at the same time it protects workers and equipment.

Call us today and let us work with you to solve your equipment storage needs -- Yellow Rack was born to solve a specific problem, and we have been solving problems for drivers and facilities for 13 years.

Let us solve your problems as well!

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