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The yellow rack saves money, time and space!


Investment in load bars is no small expense for trucking companies. Imagine the savings to your company by drastically reducing loss of this necessary piece of equipment! Yellow Rack eliminates repetitious bending and lifting heavy load bars and keeps load bars off the trailer floor and dock, thus helping reduce costly injuries and claims. Load loss and damage is reduced as bars and straps are accounted for and ready for use. Costly compliance fines are reduced as load bars are either properly stowed or in use.



No more moving load bars on or off a trailer! No more constant adjustment of cargo bars on the floor of the trailer! No more searching for your load bars! You will know exactly where they are.



Six (6) load bars on the floor of your trailer take up approximately 17 square feet! Free up that space by clipping the Yellow Rack into the E-Track on the trailer wall.



There is nothing to install or put together! The Yellow Rack comes fully assembled. Just take it out of the box and clip it instantly into existing E-Track. The Yellow Rack is self-adjusting to the slots in E-Track, so there will never be a problem with a secure and easy fit.



Securing your load is required by law. Why not do it the easy and efficient way and save your company money in the process! Equip your trailers with the Yellow Rack today!


The simple, efficient design is what makes the Yellow Rack a great tool for truckers. Just slide back the retaining bar, shove in the load bar, and slide the retaining bar back into place. The Yellow Rack will restrain up to 6 load bars, 12 jack bars, 6 straps, or any combination thereof. WOW! Drivers, you will love the fact that you no longer have to pick up load bars from the trailer floor. It's so easy to remove the bar from its restraint position, carry it over to the Yellow Rack and snap it in, and vice-versa. No more bending over!

Good news for trailers without E-Track, too! Keep jack bars out of the way by installing just 2 slot brackets on the inside wall of your trailer, and clip in the Yellow Rack!

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