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What our customers say

I would just like to thank you for this product I received today . . . it's the best thing I've bought for a long time.

A. Rackham, Stage Truck, Winchester, UK

We purchased 2 sets of yellow racks several years ago at the Dallas truck show. They  turned out to be the best product for storing load bars and also giving us quick and easy access to them when loading. The few inspections we have had where the officers have gone into the trailer, have resulted in positive remarks about the yellow racks. One officers commented it was the best secuerment device for load bars and equipment that he has seen. Also forklift operators have hit them with no breakage.  Yellow racks are part of the securement equipment that will always be found in our trailer .


Daniel and Rita MacLeod BCO's

I don't drive without my Yellow Racks!

Elton, Univar

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