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Safety Requirements By FMCSA For Cargo Equipment Storage

When it comes to “what to and what not to” while securing your cargo load, there are a number of regulations stated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These regulations must be adhered to during transport of cargo equipment; require trailer users to change the way they store cargo equipment during transit to prevent articles from moving about or falling from commercial motor vehicles. This is to ensure that there are fewer accidents as a result of mishandling of the load. What are requirements for cargo equipment storage?

  1. The devices and systems must be capable of meeting performance criteria.

  2. The cargo equipment must always be fastened appropriately. This means that there should not be any loose screws or weakened components that might end up affecting the cargo equipment adversely.

  3. The tiedowns or securement devices must be attached properly to the walls of the cargo so that they don’t loosen up, unfasten, open, or release when the vehicle is in transit.

  4. They must be located inboard of the rub rails, wherever applicable.

  5. Edge protection has to be used wherever there are chances of abrasion, cutting, and crushing.

  6. There must be one tiedown for articles 5 ft or less in length, and 1,100 lbs or less in weight.

  7. There must be two tiedowns in case the article is 5 ft or less in length and more than 1,100 lbs in weight or is greater than 5 ft but less than 10 ft, regardless of weight.

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