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Why You Should Use Yellow Racks To Store Your Equipment

Equipment such as ladders, jack bars, shovels, load bars, load locks, shoring beams, straps, and any other equipment needs to be stored well. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Yellow Racks. • Safety First and foremost, yellow racks make sure that truck drivers are safe on the road. With Yellow racks, cargo equipment is perfectly and safely stowed. No more injuries from improperly stacked load bars falling on drivers or workers. No more trailer and equipment damage from improperly stored or unsecured equipment. Yellow Rack eliminates repetitive injury issues from bending and lifting heavy cargo equipment as well as trip and fall injuries from equipment left on the trailer deck or loading dock.

Yellow Rack facilitates a very safe work environment. Wall Mounts Racks are ideal for loading docks and other high traffic, equipment intensive areas in fulfillment and distribution centers. Facility and Safety Managers don’t have to worry about accidents involving cargo equipment with Yellow Racks installed at loading docks. • Yellow Racks Are Simple and Easy to Use Yellow Racks quickly and easily clip into truck and trailer track systems. Yellow Racks can as well be directly mounted facility walls. Yellow Racks are easy to use, save time and effort. Therefor drivers and workers use them, saving time, reducing injury, and saving money. • Versatility Yellow Racks are not only for cargo equipment in trucks, trailers, and fulfillment centers. Yellow Racks are used in construction trailers, service vans, bobtail trucks, fire stations, Coast Guard facilities, Postal facilities. ANY vehicle used to haul equipment to jobsites or any facility where equipment needs storing. Lawn care equipment, HVAC equipment, ladders, hand carts, power tools -- if you can fit it, Yellow Rack will hold it safe and secure. • Toughness Yellow Racks are tough. They are made of high-tech polymers designed for the extremes encountered in space exploration. High temperatures or freezing cold, Yellow Racks can handle the job. Yellow Racks are reinforced with steel, making the Racks super strong to hold your equipment yet withstand forklift hits. Yellow Racks are not UV resistant and not affected by adverse weather conditions. • Yellow Racks Prevent OSHA and CSA Fines You cannot afford the cost of downtime and injury. CSA and DOT checkpoints target improperly secured cargo and cargo equipment, resulting in out of service time until the violation is fixed. Yellow Rack answers cargo storage mandates and keeps drivers and vehicles on the road and on time. OSHA violations result in fines and related injuries, costing thousands of dollars per event. Yellow Rack is the solution to eliminating violations for loose, improperly stored equipment at the loading dock. No violations mean no injuries, keeping workers safe and the company busy doing its business.

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