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Wall Mount 2-bay rack with tether. Mounts to Distribution & Fulfillment Center Loading Dock walls/beams or inside big rig trailer, work trailer van, bobtail, work truck. A great solution to OSHA storage rack regulations.

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2-Bay Wall Mount Rack – OSHA Storage Rack Regulations Solved –YellowRack

  • 11.5" L x 4.13" H x 2" W. Includes rod tether, Multi-Surface mounting hardware, Instructions.

  • John PNew York
    "A problem was brought to my attention about the load bars either being damaged or creating a safety concern because we had no place to properly store them when a truck was being loaded or unloaded. We would lean them against the wall and they can easily fall and either get run over by a forklift or hit someone walking buy. So I searched the internet for a solution and found your product. We had limited wall space so this was the perfect solution to our problem. We bought 6 of them and placed them on the wall between every other door this way someone could either simply go to their right or left with the load bars and there was one of the load bar holders within reach. They have worked out great and the quality and durability is excellent."
    Yellow Rack holding load bars
    Bimbo Bakeries
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